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Are you working too hard in your law practice? Do you realize technology can make your work-life MUCH easier?

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I can honestly say that I’m years ahead now because of this.

Keith Magness

Strategic Leverage

Your law practice is filled with immense, untapped potential.

The key to unlocking that potential is by understanding the power of strategic leverage (which includes the sensible use of technology).

Here’s the first key thing to understand.

Your law business is governed by a host of synergistic forces that all interact in subtle but important ways.

Technology is one important (and now fairly obvious) synergistic force. You should learn about ALL of the various forces, but…

If you want to radically improve your practice, you focus heavily on tech-related “force-multipliers.” Specifically, the ones that will allow you to…

1. Streamline

Develop better systems to get all your work done quickly, reliably, and with much lower overhead.

2. Automate

Turn your practice into a “digital factory” so it runs more by itself—without any effort on your part.

3. Outsource

Do only the work you love to do! Get others (think: virtual assistants) to handle everything else.

“I recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to work smarter, watching everyone else run around in circles.”

Catherine Fairchild

Ernie's Message...

When you use technology effectively you can begin to transform your practice in truly amazing ways.

That’s how I was able to escape the misery of BigLaw (where I was overworked and under-appreciated) and start a happier solo practice.

I kept doing complex commercial litigation (i.e. paper-intensive cases), but without the paper —because I figured out how to digitize, simplify, and streamline everything. I also discovered the joys of working as much as I wanted, when I wanted, wherever I wanted.

Sometimes I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all real.

Fellow lawyers in small firms wanted to know how they could improve their practices, so I showed them. This continued, and at this point, has been going on for well over a decade.

In that time I’ve helped hundreds of lawyers all over the country (and even won an ABA award, which was kind of surprising). The biggest reward, though, comes from helping people achieve a kind of happiness they never thought possible.

As you can tell from what those lawyers say about their experiences with me…

  • “What I found most appealing was Ernie’s genuine and sincere desire to help fellow lawyers leverage technology to achieve their goals.” —Sierra Anne Pino
  • My biggest sensei in starting my solo law practice was Ernie Svenson.” —David Sparks
  • “You are showing lawyers how to transform their small firm practices in a way I don’t see anyone else being able to do.” –Todd Smith
  • “Really has opened up new windows on running a law practice more effectively and efficiently”—Jim Monast
  • “I received so much help by not having to find answers on my own.”—Carlee Gonzales
  • “I’m an experienced lawyer and yet it made me much more confident about starting my own solo practice.”—Robert Nunn
  • “I’m a 65-year-old dinosaur attorney of 38 years, enjoying your online course and finding it helpful.” —Michael R. Jarman
  • “I have learned an incredible amount about running my law firm more efficiently and effectively.” J. Van Dapper
  • “Ernie helped me steer clear of distracting shiny objects and stay calmly focused on the essentials for success in the business of my law firm.”—Page Kistler
  • “After attending the recent virtual Bootcamp, I feel reinvigorated about my practice.” —Jimmy Go
  • “It is clear that you love helping people”—Catherine Fairchild

I really do enjoy helping people, especially lawyers who struggle to tap the full power of modern technology.

If you feel like you’re not leveraging technology enough in your practice, I have a bunch of helpful resources that you can check out right now (e.g. blog articles and podcast episodes).

But most lawyers prefer to start with my short course: “Working Smarter 101

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A Harsh Truth...

For many lawyers, the promise of modern technology has been an empty one. And it’s easy to understand why.

We simply weren’t prepared to deal with all this techno-wizardry. Computers and web-driven change arrived quickly and created a massive disruption in the legal profession.

And while computers are now indispensable, they’re also inherently complicated to operate.

So, not surprisingly, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused.

Of course, not all lawyers have trouble with technology. Some of us have been able to leverage digital systems effectively.

But most lawyers struggle just to keep up with routine emails. Which is a shame, because…

Learning how to deal with technology doesn’t have to be so difficult. And you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

Check out my Working Smarter course, or download my free PDF guide.

Or, if you prefer…

We can have a short phone call and talk about it.

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Lawyers comment

about their experiences...

I really feel that Ernie understands the challenges lawyers face when running their business.

Bin Xia Zhang– Quebec, Canada

"I learned how to develop systems to make my practice more efficient and profitable."

Christine Senne—Orlando, FL

I have been practicing for nearly 43 years, so I’ve been around long enough to recognize the real deal. Ernie is the real deal.

Tom Walker– Boise, ID

My practice has grown exponentially.

Stephanie Quigley– New Orleans, LA