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We help small firm lawyers create much happier practices by learning to work smarter, not harder.

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I can honestly say that I’m years ahead now because of this.

Keith Magness

Three Keys to Working Smarter


Use “radical efficiency” to get MORE work done, MORE quickly, MORE easily, and LESS expensively.


Leverage digital technology to make your practice run more by itself—without any effort on your part.

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Do only the work you love to do. Get others (including virtual assistants) to handle everything else.

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“I recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to work smarter, watching everyone else run around in circles.”

Catherine Fairchild

Ernie's Discovery

Ernie Svenson first learned the power of working smarter in his commercial litigation practice. And then started teaching other lawyers how to do this.

For over a decade, he’s helped hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers—even winning awards for his work. So, the odds are good that he can help you too.

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A Harsh Truth...

Most small-firm lawyers waste time, energy, and money on mindless drudgery.

Not surprisingly, they feel frustrated.

But, even worse, is they’re in danger of being disrupted and marginalized.

Digital technology is rapidly eliminating every kind of low-level work.

And it’s massively disrupting every modern business—including law.

To survive in this fast-changing, highly-disruptive world you need to start “working smarter.”

(And if you start sooner, rather than later, you can even thrive.)

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Attested to by these lawyers...

The investment of money is small as compared to the value...There is no one I would not recommend the course to... Ernie, it's just been invaluable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thomas C. Railsback– Dallas/Ft. Worth

...a great time saver in making choices and implementing those choices. Also, it was nice to sometimes hear that Ernie supports some choices I've made so I could stop agonizing about that.

Eloise Hock Feinstein– San Diego

I needed guidance from folks whom I trust and who have the experience to tell me what has worked for them and what hasn't. ...Really, this has opened up new windows on the world of running a legal practice more effectively and efficiently.

James P. Monast– Columbus, OH

I'm an experienced lawyer, so I was concerned that this would just be more of the same things that I have learned in years of practice. That wasn't the case...The Autopilot course made me much more confident about starting my own solo practice.

Robert Nunn– Portland, OR