Small Firm


In New Orleans – May 7th & 8th, 2020

Small Firm Bootcamp is a two-day program for solo and small firm attorneys that will take place in New Orleans on Thursday, May 7th and 8th of 2020.

This conference will provide practical insights and tactics for transforming your law practice, including guidance on how to better leverage technology.

Attend and discover:

  • How to create systems for your practice so that you never have to explain to your staff “how it’s supposed to be done.” Instead, it just gets done and done right every time.
  • How to automate the process of creating your most important documents. Do it up to 500% faster, with virtually ZERO errors.
  • How to find any important document (or a crucial bit of information) in an instant, from anywhere, anytime—even while you’re on a plane flying at 30,000 feet.
  • How to keep your data secure from 95% of the hacking attempts that take down most law firms.
  • How to automatically attract a predictable stream of great clients, who trust you before they even speak to you in person.
  • The little-known secret that lets you recruit elite staff members: secretaries, paralegals, associates.
  • What you need to know before you commit to buying “practice management software,” (which most tech consultants won’t tell you).
  • Which document management systems are optimal for solo & small firm lawyers.
  • How to find top-notch, trustworthy tech consultants (and how to avoid the many clueless and opportunistic ones)
  • How to leverage the power of VAs (i.e. “rent” expert assistance in the most convenient and affordable way possible).
  • How to finally tame your email inbox so that it’s completely empty at the end of every day.
  • PLUS, other powerful ways of simplifying and streamlining your law practice so you can get more done more easily, with less effort and less stress.

To get a quick sense of what the Bootcamp is like, watch this…

Video recap of the last Bootcamp...

Great Speakers

You'll get expert guidance from nationally-recognized lawyers and consultants who focus exclusively on helping small firm lawyers who want to make big improvements in how they practice law.

Here are the speakers who’ll be presenting…

Amanda Aguillard

New Orleans, LA

Amanda is the founder of Aguillard Accounting, a small business accounting firm based in New Orleans with clients across the country. Her focus is solo and small law firms and real estate brokerages. She is also the co-founder of Elefant, a training company for accountants and bookkeepers. Amanda’s #1 passion is helping small business owners build the practices of their dreams using technology.

Craig Ball

New Orleans, LA

Craig  is a trial lawyer, computer forensic examiner, law professor and noted authority on electronic evidence.

Craig now limits his practice to serving as a court-appointed special master and consultant in computer forensics and electronic discovery, and has served as the Special Master or testifying expert in computer forensics and electronic discovery in some of the most challenging and celebrated cases in the U.S.

A founder of the Georgetown University Law Center E-Discovery Training Academy, Craig serves on the Academy’s faculty and teaches Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence at the University of Texas School of Law. For nine years, Craig penned the award-winning Ball in Your Court column on electronic discovery for American Lawyer Media and now writes for several national news outlets.

He’s also been a frequent speaker at the ABA TECHSHOW, where his sessions on how to make effective use of Powerpoint have caused attendees’ jaws to literally drop in amazement.

For the past few years, he’s also been an avid contestant in trivia contests in pubs and cruise ships all over the world.

For his articles on electronic discovery and computer forensics visit or his blog,

Craig Bayer

Baton Rouge, LA

Craig is the founder of Optiable, which helps small law firms with document management related issues. He’s been doing law-related tech consulting for over ten years and has worked with hundreds of law firms.

Craig frequently speaks to bar associations and is sought after because he not only has deep knowledge of law-related technologies but also because he can explain it in a straightforward manner. Craig’s advice is always based on what’s best for the client, even if it is a solution he doesn’t provide.

When he’s not helping lawyers with technology Craig enjoys smoking fine cigars and rooting for the LSU football team. He also roots for the Bayern Munich soccer team in the Bundesliga whenever possible.

Brett Burney

Columbus, OH

Brett is a nationally recognized author and speaker on legal technology—particularly text automation, e-discovery and the use of Mac computers. He has been a featured speaker at numerous legal technology conferences, including the ABA TECHSHOW (which he was the Chair of in 2015).

Before starting his consulting business, Brett worked at the law firm of Thompson Hine LLP. Specifically, he worked with litigation teams building electronic document databases, counseling on e-discovery issues, and managing the technical responsibilities of presenting evidence at trial.

Brett has an excellent website called Apps in Law that features short tutorials on helpful apps for lawyers. He also has a podcast called Apps in Law. Brett was a featured speaker at our 2017 Bootcamp, so we’re excited to have him back again.

Dane Ciolino

New Orleans, LA

Dane currently serves as the Alvin R. Christovich Distinguished Professor of Law at Loyola University New Orleans School of Law. His principal scholarly and teaching interests include Legal Ethics, Trial Advocacy, and Evidence.

Dane graduated cum laude from Rhodes College in 1985, and magna cum laude from Tulane Law School in 1988, where he was inducted into Order of the Coif and served as Editor in Chief of the Tulane Law Review.

After graduating from law school, Dane worked as a law clerk for the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, and as an associate with Cravath, Swaine & Moore in New York City, and Stone, Pigman, Walther & Wittmann in New Orleans.

In addition to teaching at Loyola, Dane represents lawyers and judges in disciplinary proceedings, and provides consultations on legal-ethics issues. His blog, Louisiana Legal Ethics, is at

Daryl Gray

New Orleans, LA

Daryl Gray is a New Orleans-based Personal Injury Attorney at the WPG Law Firm who has achieved great success in acquiring new clients through community outreach-based referral marketing.

Daryl is also an exceptional trial lawyer. He has fought against some of the largest companies in the world and recovered millions on his clients’ behalf. Daryl has a proven record of obtaining settlements and awards, including a $1,745,000 settlement in a wrongful death case and holding the largest dog bite verdict in Tennessee State history in 2018.

Megan Hargroder

Portland, OR

Megan founded Conversations, LLC in 2010 to pursue her passion: helping small businesses create social media strategies that work, empowering them to build an online buzz around their brands. She studied broadcast journalism and worked for the Fox TV station in Lafayette, LA (as a “one man band” reporter), and that’s what ignited her passion for business communications.

Megan began working in Social Media before Facebook even became “a thing.” At first, she focused on social media marketing for small businesses (that’s when she and Ernie first crossed paths). But several years ago, she shifted to helping solo and small firm lawyers with all aspects of online marketing.

Most importantly, she’s also hyper-focused on fast, cost-efficient results. She has a blend of skills that are uncommon in legal marketing circles: she is an online marketing strategist who relies on “story-based messaging” to create rapport and build trust with potential clients in an astonishingly powerful way.

She’s also an avid yogi and loves a good French 75.

Mike Kim

Washington, DC

Mike is an elite level business coach and marketing strategist. As he explains on his website, “marketing isn’t about closing a sale; it’s about opening a relationship.” Mike has helped many hundreds of folks (including some lawyers) grow their businesses in ways that lead to both prosperity and deep fulfillment.

Mike has worked with nationally recognized thought leaders such as John Maxwell, Donald Miller, and Suzanne Evans. His Brand You podcast has provided a steady stream of valuable business and marketing insights.

Before he gained notoriety as a business and marketing strategist, Mike was a globe-trotting musician and songwriter. You can follow his current travels via his Instagram channel @mikekimtv.

Chelsey Lambert

Tulsa, OK

Chelsey’s mission is helping solo and small firm lawyers (and their staff) get more work done, more easily, with fewer hassles. Her LexTech Review website is an oasis of informative, unbiased reviews regarding legal technology and virtual resources.

Because at the end of the day, it’s more important to adopt something that the technology you use suits your personality, work styles, and life goals, than to buy the market leader just because it’s the market leader.

Chelsey helps lawyers find the best solutions for them, not for the tech companies. In other words, she’s one of the few legal consultants that you can reflexively trust to work in your best interest at all times.

She’s also an exceptional writer and speaker, and has been frequent presenter at bar association events around the country, including the ABA TECHSHOW.

Andrew Legrand

New Orleans, LA

Andrew studied sport management at the University of Florida, and enjoyed classes on financing public stadiums, sport law, and the management of sport franchises. That interest led

Andrew to investigate a career as a sport agent, and once he learned that a law degree would further that idea, he enrolled in law school.

Immediately after graduating from Loyola law school, he started his own solo practice with the goal of creating a firm that provided enough work-life balance to travel the world and manage his practice on the road. He then founded Spera Law Group, LLC, a cloud and paperless law firm in New Orleans, Louisiana. Andrew counsels Small Business Owners on the wide array of challenges they face, and blogs about those issues at

Andrew’s rapid success attracted the attention of Forbes and Business Insider. And, over the past decade, he’s done presentations to judges and lawyers on marketing, technology, automation, and building a paperless practice. He was also the first person to do a presentation to the New Orleans City Council with just an iPad.

Adriana Linares

Orlando, FL

Adriana is a law practice consultant and legal technology coach. Since launching her company (LawTech Partners) in 2004 she’s worked with hundreds of law firms, legal departments, legal aid groups, bar associations, and legal technology startups.

Adriana has been a frequent speaker at national technology conferences and a regular contributor to numerous legal publications.  In 2013 she was selected as a  Fastcase 50 honoree. She served as Chair of the American Bar Association  TECHSHOW  2017 and was profiled as a  Legal Rebel Trailblazer  by the ABA Journal in 2018.  And she was chosen for the  2015  class of the ABA’s LTRC Women in Legal Technology.

Adriana currently serves as a technology consultant the Florida Bar Board of Governors and is the Member Technology Officer of the San Diego County Bar Association.And she hosts the well-known New Solo podcast on the Legal Talk Network.

Parker Layrisson

Ponchatoula, LA

Parker Layrisson is an attorney and author who built a substantial personal injury practice in a small place by writing the book on it. His law office is located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana (Population 6,596), but a steady stream of quality clients discovered him via his automated marketing systems. His book, Accident Handbook: The Practical Guide to Louisiana Personal Injury Law for Car Wreck Victims, is available at at Amazon.

Besides practicing law, Parker leads a mentoring group for young lawyers, teaching them the nuts and bolts of building a successful law practice.

Parker and his wife Brandie love to travel and eat. A few of their favorites are Paris pastries, New York pizza, Florence bean soup, New Orleans gumbo, San Francisco dim sum, Austin BBQ brisket, and, of course, Ponchatoula strawberries.

But now they spend more time with their two young boys. Recently, Parker started a podcast about his hometown called The Ponchatoula Podcast.

Danny Ozment

Orlando, FL

Danny helps small business owners create, launch, and grow engaging podcasts that build trust with top-notch customers before they even call or visit for the first time.

Danny Ozment has produced over 40 different podcasts which are downloaded more than 500,000 times a month. He’s worked with big brands such as Salesforce and the John Maxwell Team in addition to thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors.

Danny is the producer for Ernie Svenson’s LawFirm Autopilot podcast, Mike Kim’s BrandYou podcast, and Parker Layrisson’s The Ponchatoula Podcast.

Conrad Saam

Seattle, WA

Conrad Saam is the founder of Mockingbird, an online marketing agency focused exclusively on the legal market. His company does search engine optimization, paid search advertising and website design and development.

Conrad writes the In-House column for Search Engine Land, has been featured in USA Today, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post. He is also the author of The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide.

He’s the author of The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide, a Google Small Business Advisor and has held positions for various ABA’s Practice Management marketing committees. And, he’s also  been called the “Gary V of the Legal world”, which he regards as a great compliment (even though he realizes that most lawyers have no idea who Gary V is).

Patrick Slaughter

Knoxville, TN

Patrick was a professional magician for 18 years before he decided to enter law school. He started practicing law in 2013, focusing on family law in Knoxville, Tennessee. He also does some immigration work.

Patrick quickly built a magical law practice by leveraging technology in a sensible, systematic way. And that’s what enabled him (and his wife Zena) to purchase a second home in Orlando, Florida so he could spend half his time enjoying the Magic Kingdom (i.e. Disney) instead of being stuck in his office in Knoxville.

Patrick now enjoys helping fellow lawyers learn how they can create their own magical practices by streamlining their operations through the use of systems, automation, and outsourcing. He and Zena also enjoy spending time with their three dogs: Abbatour, Razzmatazz, and Copper.

David Sparks

Irvine, CA

David Sparks is a solo business attorney in Orange County, California. David is a well known speaker, author and podcaster (i.e. Mac Power Users, Automators, and Focussed podcasts). He’s also been a frequent speaker at the annual ABA TECHSHOW event in Chicago.

David’s big passion is helping Mac-using lawyers learn to better harness the power of technology, which he mostly does through his MacSparky Field Guides.

He’s an accomplished jazz musician (piano & sax) who has long aspired to visit New Orleans. We’re happy that he’ll finally have a chance to visit the Big Easy, and even happier that he’ll be spending some of that time with folks at the Bootcamp.

maddy martin - smith ai - small firm boot camp

Maddy Martin

Buffalo, NY

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education for, a human-backed and AI-powered virtual receptionist & intake service delivering highly effective frontline communications via phone, web, and text.

Maddy has spent the last decade growing tech startups, and has expertise in marketing, business communications, business development, affinity programs, and partnerships. She is a regular podcast guest and event speaker, and through these outlets helps small, professional services businesses like law firms achieve growth more easily and efficiently by leveraging software, services, and skills. For lawyers in particular, she developed the lauded Law Firm Communication Playbook and Law Firm Communication Library.

As the daughter of a solo business owner, Maddy has witnessed firsthand work/life balance, business growth, and client happiness as jointly achievable outcomes. She’s driven to help others run successful, sustainable, and profitable small businesses. Maddy can be reached at, and you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

Ernie Svenson

New Orleans, LA

Ernie worked in a large New Orleans firm for 18 years doing commercial litigation. Eventually the ridiculous overhead, high billable hour quotas, and mindless bureaucracy left him burned out and disillusioned. So he started a super efficient, highly profitable, low-overhead solo practice.

For the past decade Ernie has been dedicated to teaching other solo and small firm lawyers how to harness the incredible power of systems and technology. Specifically, systems and technologies that help you better market and manage your practice so you can start working less, earning more, and taking more time off.

Donna Svenson

New Orleans, LA

Donna Svenson is the event coordinator, communications liaison, and financial director for LawFIrm Autopilot.

Donna has been helping Ernie put on live events for several years. Somewhere along the way she and Ernie realized they were a perfect romantic match so they got married and now spend every precious moment together working, playing, having fun with friends, enjoying New Orleans cuisine, and relaxing at Jazz Fest in April/May.

Donna is an exceptionally good cook (gumbo anyone?). And she raised three boys, all of whom played competitive soccer. She’s also the proud grandmother of a feisty girl named Lilliah, and a tough little boy named Arvo, both of whom refer to her as “Honey.” Which is a reminder that Donna is, above all, the sweetest person anyone could ever know.

Attendees relish these Bootcamps

Every time we do a new Bootcamp it’s vastly better than the last one (which is why we have so many nice testimonials).

But, for this next Bootcamp, we’re going to take it to an exponentially higher level—and do at least one thing that’s never been done before.

What's Different?

Every other legal conference waits until you arrive to start teaching, but at this conference…

You’ll start receiving help IMMEDIATELY after you register.

How will this happen?

Well, you’ll get immediate access to the LawFirm Autopilot course. This is a course that has helped hundreds of lawyers who were not able to attend the prior Bootcamps.

But imagine how much more helpful it will be to get access to BOTH the Autopilot course AND the Bootcamp.

You’ve learned a bit about the Bootcamp. So, what about the Autopilot course?


Here's what folks who've taken it say...

Now, please note: the Autopilot course normally sells for $495.

But you will get access to it immediately. At no extra charge, as a free bonus that’s part of the Bootcamp registration.

I’ve copied ALL of the LFA lessons, and other resources (i.e. checklists, templates, short guides & workbooks) in an online area that you will get IMMEDIATE access to as soon as you register (scroll down and take a look at the curriculum listing to see what’s included).


I will also be doing several webinars before the Bootcamp (to start getting you on track before you even show up). The value of these webinars is at least $300.

There will be other bonuses, but those will come as surprises after you register. So let’s talk about what you pay to register for the Bootcamp.

Here’s the question you want to ask: What’s the…

What's the value of this program?

Well, before you even arrive at the Bootcamp next May, you’re guaranteed to receive at least $845 of value. And that’s not including the value of other bonuses that we’ll be revealing after you register.


Bottom line: the overall monetary value of the Bootcamp will be over $2,000.

But the value of it in terms of helping you transform your practice will be even higher.

So, now (having talked about a lot of good things) it’s time to share a

Brutal Truth

(and this is something you DEFINITELY will not hear other conference organizers say…)

Our Bootcamp conference is NOT for everyone. Yep, it’s not for everyone and we know this. So we want you to know it too.

Read on to make sure you’re a good fit before you decide to register.

The Bootcamp is NOT for you if...

  • you’re impatient, or stubbornly change-resistant.
  • you’re seeking get-rich-quick tactics
  • you are overly obsessed with new-fangled technology
  • you’re not willing to be systematic in building your practice

If that’s you, then you won’t benefit from the Autopilot course or the Bootcamp.

Also, it’s not for you if you ONLY attend conferences to get CLE credit.

If you value CLE credit above improving your practice, then don’t bother reading any further. We’re not for you.

The Bootcamp IS for you if...

  • you’re open to learning powerful new ways of streamlining and automating your practice
  • you’re results-driven and action-oriented
  • you’re willing to use tasteful marketing strategies to attract better clients (instead of cheesy tactics that are expensive and increasingly ineffective)
  • you’re willing to invest time, energy and money to build an exceptional practice

Look here’s the deal with my unique approach.

I’m realistic about what it takes to help lawyers get big results. First and foremost, attendees to have the right mindset.

You have to be willing to invest time, money and energy to get big results. Our job is to help you invest wisely so you get those big results as fast as possible.

That’s why we offer pre-event guidance via webinars (and other ways)…

…By the way, we’ll even offer guidance AFTER the event as well.

Because that —realistically— is what it takes to make sure the valuable advice we give you takes root in your day-to-day practice.

We’re super-committed to helping the right kind of lawyers. So if you’re the right kind, then we know you’ll make big changes that will improve your practice in mind-blowing ways (Just like it did for Patrick).

And, as I mentioned above, the guidance will start as soon as you register.

So, if you’re ready to make an important investment to help you grow your practice in the most sensible, strategic way…

$850 – Early Bird Discount:
Sign up Now
Or save even more by purchasing multiple tickets
2 Tickets - $1,6003 Tickets - $2,2504 Tickets - $2,800

And Please Note…

The registration price will rise significantly as we get closer to January 1st.

And you should also consider that the Bootcamp WILL SELL OUT—possibly before January.

So, if you are even the slightest bit interested in attending, you should act sooner rather than later.

And if you have any questions about the Bootcamp, email Ernie Svenson at and he’ll get back to you quickly.

Finally, here are some details about the LawFirm Autopilot course curriculum (remember: you’ll get immediate access to this course after your register for the Bootcamp).

Frequently asked questions

Yes, your conference pass includes a light breakfast and lunch each day of the conference. There will also be numerous session breaks to grab snacks and beverages. The conference also features all-day coffee and tea, because we know that everyone needs an extra boost from time to time.

Plus a Special Cocktail Reception!!

We’ll also host a free cocktail reception after the first day (Thursday). This will be a very special event that you won’t want to miss. Why, well because…

Immediately after the first day presentations there will be a New Orleans Second Line Parade leaving from the Bootcamp location to a nearby venue for a three hour reception that will give you even more opportunity to engage with the speakers and your fellow attendees.

And, by the way,  if you want to bring your spouse (or anyone you’re traveling with) as a guest, please do. No charge.


Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive an email with a private registration link to get your discounted room rate ($129/night) at the hotel where we’re having the Bootcamp: the Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center. Please note: the discounted room rates will expire soon, so book yours immediately while the rates and rooms are available!

We’re expecting 150 attendees at the event this year, and most of them will be coming from out of town. All of them will be solo or small firm attorneys with practices much like yours).

Yes, you’ll have many opportunities to engage with all of the speakers (including Ernie) and with your fellow attendees.

If you cancel before January 1st, you’ll receive a full refund, minus a $30 administrative fee (And you’ll have the option to keep your access to bonus content like the LawFirm Autopilot course for an additional fee that’s discounted from the fill price).

If you can’t attend for some reason after January 1st 2020, you can transfer your ticket to someone else of your choosing. Or we will help you find a transferee from our list of folks who’ve signaled interest in coming but didn’t register before the event sold out.

Absolutely! Reach out to Donna Svenson at and we’ll be happy to change the attendee information to give access to whomever you want to give your ticket to.

It’s a GREAT idea to bring your team! The value of the event will increase exponentially with the shared experience! Contact Donna Svenson ( about special rates for your team members.

For out-of-town attendees we recommend arriving in New Orleans on Wednesday, May 5th and planning to depart Saturday, May 8th to take advantage of all the conference events and activities. Plus, if you’ve never been to New Orleans, why not stay through until Sunday? (The discounted room rates will probably be available through the weekend if you sign up soon enough)

We are highly selective about who we allow to be sponsors. But, if you sense that your company’s product or service is one that is a good fit for our attendees, contact our sponsor coordinator, Chelsey Lambert, and let her know you’d be interested in finding out about sponsorship opportunities. Her email is: .

You’ll be able to follow discussions about the conference or comment yourself by using these hashtag: #LawfirmAutopilot #LFABootcamp2020

We’ll also have a special private online discussion area just for attendees and speakers that we’ll be telling you about a few weeks before the conference starts.

As we keep telling you, this is going to be an exceptional conference in many ways. People who don’t come will kick themselves when they find out what they missed.

And this conference WILL sell out way before it starts (probably before January) so if you are interested we recommend you sign up right away.

Special Bonus

Law Firm Autopilot: Online Course

  • Orientation Video
  • How to use this course
  • Tell Me About Your Practice – Personal Survey
  • LFA – Lessons Checklist


  • Introduction
  • Download Course Book
  • Keys to Success: Avoiding Misjudgments & Poor Decisions

Approach: Mindset, Vision, Focus

  • Cultivating a “Success Mindset”
  • Crafting The Ideal Vision For Your Law Firm
  • Defining Your Ideal Practice
  • Vision Brainstorming Workbook
  • After Completing the Vision Workbook

Systems & Strategic Goals

  • The Importance of Systems
  • An Overview of Systems
  • Strategic Firm Management
  • Setting Strategic Goals
  • Documenting Law Firm Systems
  • Sample Law Firm Systems Manual – General Checklist
  • John Fisher’s Book: The Power of a System
  • Proof of The Power of Systems

Getting Assistance

  • 5 Keys to Hiring Good Consultants
  • List of Recommended Consultants

Marketing Your Practice

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • What Lame Marketing Looks Like
  • Why Clients Don’t Trust You
  • Key Takeaways for Trust Building
  • Pop Quiz
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Brainstorming Your Ideal Client
  • Powerhouse Referral Marketing
  • Referral Marketing – Key Takeaways
  • Polishing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Help with Your Marketing: Megan Graham
  • How to Gather Great Client Testimonials

Streamlining Operations

  • Creating a Paperless Practice
  • Free Course on Paperless Lawyering
  • Cloud Storage & Services
  • Legal ethics expert explains how lawyers can use Dropbox
  • Email Efficiency
  • Better Virtual Collaboration: Slack
  • Securing Your Law Firm Data
  • The best way to protect yourself from hackers online
  • Password Management
  • Backing Up Data
  • How to Choose Practice Management Software


  • Automation Basics
  • Overview of Text Automation
  • Powerful Text Automation – TextExpander
  • TextExpander In Depth – Brett Burney
  • Automated Scheduling with Acuity
  • Automated Mileage Tracking


  • Introduction to Outsourcing & Delegation
  • The 5 Levels of Delegation
  • Outsourcing Basics
  • Outsourcing Tips from a Solo Attorney
  • Receptionists
  • Bookkeeping
  • Transcription Service
  • Outsourcing Legal Work
  • Example of outsourced legal research

Resource Library: Checklists, Templates, Short Guides & Workbooks

  • Quick Start Actions
  • Strategic Success Blueprint
  • Three Keys to Success
  • 4 Key Components To a Successful Law Firm
  • Vision Quest Brainstorm Workbook
  • Productivity Blueprint
  • Ideal Week Planner
  • Top Concerns About Starting New Firm
  • Starting New Firm Checklist
  • Law Firm System Manual Checklist
  • Systems Overview – Process Mapping & Record Keeping
  • Process Mapping Worksheet
  • Overview of Automation
  • Automation Schematic
  • File Naming System – Guide
  • Document Management Systems
  • Top 5 Qualities for Tech Consultants
  • Guide to Going Paperless
  • Cloud Storage & Services
  • Model Engagement Letter: Provisions for a Paperless Practice & Cloud Storage
  • Backup Systems
  • Automating Brief & Memo Creation
  • Federal Court Pleading – Template
  • (Delegation) The 4 Stages of Competence
  • The 5 Levels of Delegation
  • Delegation-Worksheet
  • Example of outsourced legal research
  • (Marketing) Trust Building Progression
  • The 9 Keys to Trust-Building for Lawyers
  • The Interplay of Marketing & Psychology
  • The 7 Reasons Your Website Stinks
  • Direct Marketing for Lawyers
  • Anatomy of a Lead Magnet
  • Lead Magnet Questionnaire
  • Fast Action Referral Marketing

Click below to sign up for the upcoming Small Firm Bootcamp event.

$850 – Early Bird Discount: