Information Alone is Useless

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If you’re looking to improve your law practice you probably don’t need more information.

You already have too much, if you’re like most busy lawyers. You suffer from information overload, not information deficiency.

What you need is to take certain specific actions that will help you get better results. What kind of better results? Well…

Most lawyers in solo or small firm practices want either

  1. smoother-running operations, or
  2. better profitability.

Or both.

And that makes sense because you’re running your law practice as a business, not a hobby.

So you need to make money in a steady predictable way that covers your overhead and provides you with the income you deserve for all your hard work.

And you want to generate that income in a way that’s enjoyable and sustainable (as opposed to overwhelming, frustrating and demoralizing).

So how do you do this, exactly?

What you need is INSIGHT.

After working with hundreds of solo and small firm lawyers I’ve gain a great deal of insight about the simple elements that make up a thriving law practice.

If you want your practice to also be a successful business, then here are the three things you need to work on:

  1. Manage your firm’s operations so that overhead is as low as possible and work gets done as smoothly as possible
  2. Market your firm in a way that produces a steady flow of good clients (not just anyone who is willing to hire you)
  3. Use technology (in a sensible way) so that operations and marketing are done efficiently and cost-effectively.

Perhaps never have thought about this, but maybe you should.

Most lawyers are too haphazard about how they manage their practices.

They’re haphazard about marketing and technology too.

Most lawyers are so busy practicing law that they forget they have a business to manage.

That’s another insight I’ve gleaned from working so many lawyers.

Most of them never focus on their business. They focus 100% of their attention on practicing law.

Instead, they need to focus more on managing their business.

And step #1 in managing any business is…

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