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Legal Information Re: Coronavirus

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Legal Information Re: Coronavirus - law firm auto pilot

Here you’ll find carefully curated resources grouped into two categories:

  1. Resources for non-lawyers
  2. Resources for lawyers (mainly solo and small firm attorneys)

1. Resources for Non-Lawyers

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Top Questions/Concerns

Here are some of the common questions and concerns that people have now.

Updates re: new laws and regulations

Twitter List of Legal Sources

Twitter is the best place to keep up with rapidly changing news. Here’s some Twitter feeds for good legal information.

2. Resources for Lawyers

Resources for Mobile/Remote Practice

Most lawyers right now need to be able to work from home or wherever they’re self-isolated. Here’s a short video with 3 tips, followed by some resource links.

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Recommended Tools/Services

Recommended Online Communities

Recommended Webinars

  • None in the next week

Recommendations for Working Remotely

Lawyers are increasingly starting to work remotely, even at big firms. If you want more work-balance and more freedom, become adept at working remotely and collaborating virtually.

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