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Ernie Svenson

Ernie is a New Orleans attorney who used technology to streamline his law practice by scanning papers and then leveraging digital automation. Now, he helps other lawyers transform their practices — so they can work less, vacation more, and have more fun.

When he’s not helping lawyers, Ernie enjoys photography, playing guitar, and organizing neighborhood porch concerts. You can learn more about him here.

Megan Hargroder-Graham

Megan focuses 100% on website development and digital marketing for solo and small firm attorneys. And, she’s been working with Social Media before Facebook even became “a thing.”

Her superpower is: she turns boring attorney websites into client-generating machines. She does this by helping attorneys tell their personal stories in a natural sounding and compelling way. Megan’s own story is pretty interesting.


Donna Svenson

Donna Svenson is the event coordinator, communications liaison, and financial director for LawFirm Autopilot.

Donna is also a fabulous chef (gumbo anyone?). Before she and Ernie got hitched, she raised three boys, all of whom played competitive soccer. She’s also the proud grandmother of a feisty girl named Lilliah, and a tough little boy named Arvo, both of whom refer to her as “Honey.” Which is a reminder that Donna is, above all, the sweetest person anyone could ever know.

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