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Meet the team

Ernie Svenson

Ernie learned the secret to working smarter (not harder) right out of law school. In 2000, he discovered the power of creating a paperless practice, which was dismissed as impossible by most lawyers.

Two years later, Ernie was the 5th lawyer to create a weblog, which led him to discover the power of online marketing before 99% of attorneys even imagined they might be able to get clients via a website. 

For the past decade, he’s been dedicated to teaching solo and small firm lawyers how to harness the power of systems, technology, and psychology to transform their practices in mind-boggling ways.

Megan Hargroder-Graham

Megan began working in Social Media before Facebook even became “a thing.” At first, she focused on social media marketing for small businesses (that’s when she and Ernie first crossed paths). But several years ago, she shifted to helping solo and small firm lawyers with all aspects of online marketing.

Like Ernie, she’s also hyper-focused on fast, cost-efficient results. She has a blend of skills that are uncommon in legal marketing circles: she is an online marketing strategist who relies on “story-based messaging” to create rapport and build trust with potential clients in an astonishingly powerful way.

Patrick Slaughter

Patrick was a professional magician for 18 years before he decided to enter law school. He started practicing law in 2013, focusing on family law in Knoxville, Tennessee. He also does some immigration work.

Patrick quickly built a magical law practice by leveraging technology in a sensible, systematic way. And that’s what enabled him (and his wife Zena) to purchase a second home in Orlando, Florida so he could spend half his time enjoying the Magic Kingdom (i.e. Disney) instead of being stuck in his office in Knoxville.

Patrick now enjoys helping fellow lawyers learn how they can create their own magical practices by streamlining their operations through the use of systems, automation, and outsourcing. He and Zena also enjoy spending time with their three dogs: Abbatour, Razzmatazz, and Copper.

Donna Svenson

Donna Svenson is the event coordinator, communications liaison, and financial director for LawFIrm Autopilot.

Donna has been helping Ernie put on live events for several years. Somewhere along the way she and Ernie realized they were a perfect romantic match so they got married and now spend every precious moment together working, playing, having fun with friends, enjoying New Orleans cuisine, and relaxing at Jazz Fest in April/May.
Donna is an exceptionally good cook (gumbo anyone?). And she raised three boys, all of whom played competitive soccer. She’s also the proud grandmother of a feisty girl named Lilliah, and a tough little boy named Arvo, both of whom refer to her as “Honey.” Which is a reminder that Donna is, above all, the sweetest person anyone could ever know.

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