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Create an automated, stress-free practice where your work gets done effortlessly —even while working remotely

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I can honestly say that I’m years ahead now because of this.

Keith Magness

Be Ruthless

If you’re a small firm lawyer, you must be ruthless about using limited resources. Time is your most valuable and most limited resource.

Technology can help you save lots of time, get better results — and do so more easily. At least, in theory.

Be Realistic

Unfortunately, technology is often more bewildering and frustrating than helpful. For most lawyers, anyway.

So what’s the solution? How can you turn things around?

The key is to “work smarter” with technology. You need to be strategic and realistic (as opposed to haphazard and naïve).

Focus ruthlessly on the high-value levers supplied by modern technology.

The two best levers you should focus on are paperless automation and low-cost outsourcing. And, if you need more clients, then learn to do low-cost online marketing.

Work Smarter

When you leverage technology in the proper way, you’ll

  • Work from anywhere (even from a sailboat in the Caribbean ocean).
  • Bang out documents 300% faster (and do so more reliably).
  • Blitz through emails in seconds (filtering 80% of the noise automatically).
  • Gain confidence knowing your data is fully secure from intruders.
  • Maximize outsourcing to get grunt work done at a lower cost by people who work as much or as little as you need (even legal work).


Learning to leverage technology takes time and ongoing commitment.

If you demand rapid transformation, you’re destined for frustration and disappointment.

But if you’re sensible and patient, then you’ll succeed. I know, because that’s how I used tech to transform my solo practice.

And that’s how the lawyers I’ve been able to help have done it.

How to start

First, commit to taking action to improve your practice. Don’t be passive. And don’t fall prey to shiny object distractions.

If you want to create big changes in your practice, stay focused on the things that matter most.

If you’re looking for magic bullets and platitudes, you’re not ready for the next level.

But, if you want to take bold action (and want to know where to direct your focus), then start with the Working Smarter Course.

If you don’t have the two hours to work through the course materials, maybe take a smaller step forward and download the Free PDF Guide.

Whatever path you take…

Focus On These 3 Keys

1. Automation

Turn your practice into a well-oiled machine that runs more by itself—i.e. with minimal effort on your part.

2. Outsourcing

Delegate everything you don’t enjoy doing to others (using outsourcing as much as possible)

3. Systems

Optimize workflows (and document them) so all work gets done easily & reliably via delegation/outsourcing.

“I recommend Ernie to anyone who wants to work smarter, watching everyone else run around in circles.”

Catherine Fairchild

Ernie's Message...

About twenty years ago, I created a 100% paperless, highly automated law practice. One that was both financially rewarding and immensely satisfying.


My radical transformation started in 2002, with this discovery…

Using nothing more than a laptop and a smartphone I could handle complex litigation cases completely by myself, and do so at a much lower cost.

So, in 2006, I resigned my partnership with a big law firm to start a Ninja-efficient solo practice. I was eager to break out of the traditional mold and it worked out nicely.

A Dream Come True

Clients appreciated the lower bills. And they noticed that technology made me more effective than lawyers in those stodgy big firms.

So getting new clients was easy. And it cost virtually nothing because my main marketing expense was a website that cost less than $100 per year.

I kept my entire overhead ridiculously low. Which enabled me to earn a good living without working crazy hours.

Other Lawyers Noticed

Some lawyers scoffed at my non-traditional approach to practicing law.

Others asked me to help them upgrade their practices (mostly solos and small firm lawyers). I really enjoyed doing this and, eventually, it became my full-time mission.

The ABA asked me to write some books to help lawyers improve their use of technology. And I was invited to speak at conferences around the country, where I offered my best advice to thousands of lawyers.

In 2018, the ABA presented me with their Solo and Small Firm Trainer Award, BUT…

My greatest joy comes from seeing lawyers achieve a level of happiness they never thought possible.

What They Say…

  • My biggest sensei in starting my solo law practice was Ernie Svenson.” —David Sparks
  • “I received so much help by not having to find answers on my own.”—Carlee Gonzales
  • “I’m a 65-year-old dinosaur attorney of 38 years, enjoying your program and finding it helpful.” —Michael R. Jarman
  • I feel reinvigorated about my practice.” —Jimmy Go
  • “It is clear that you love helping people”—Catherine Fairchild

New Opportunities…

Success in the Digital Age hinges on learning to “work smarter.”

But this means more than just embracing technology. That’s the less important part, to be honest.

So what does working smarter really mean? Well…

For lawyers, this means being more like Wayne Gretsky, who famously said his success came from “skating to where the puck is going to be,” and not where it’s been.

Most of all, it means realizing there are incredible new opportunities to be harnessed…if you know “where to skate to.”

My mission is to help you learn to identify and harness those opportunities, to create a much happier law practice.

If that idea appeals to you, then I recommend you…

Learn to Work Smarter

There are two ways to get started. First, you can enroll in the Working Smarter Course (the option most lawyers prefer).

Or, you can take a small step and read my Free PDF Guide.

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A Stubborn Truth...

The old ways of doing things don’t work as well as they used to. That should be obvious by now.

There are new ways of running a law practice (or any modern business) that are much better.

If you want to radically transform your practice, check out the Working Smarter course. Or, download this free PDF guide.

And, if you want to have a short phone call to talk about specific ways to improve your practice we can do that too.

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What lawyers say

about their experiences...

I really feel that Ernie understands the challenges lawyers face when running their business.

Bin Xia Zhang– Quebec, Canada

I learned how to develop systems to make my practice more efficient and profitable.

Christine Senne—Orlando, FL

I have been practicing for nearly 43 years, so I’ve been around long enough to recognize the real deal. Ernie is the real deal.

Tom Walker– Boise, ID

My practice has grown exponentially.

Stephanie Quigley– New Orleans, LA

You are showing lawyers how to transform their small firm practices in a way I don't see anyone else being able to do.

Todd Smith– Austin, TX